Tips to learn a language part 2

1 – Find your way how to enjoy the language-learning process. Find the correct way to turn the language-learning from a boring school subject into a pleasant activity you don’t mind doing everyday. So, make sure it’s something that you personally enjoy.

2 – You need a strong and effective method which you can use sistematically. You need to be constant and train everyday. So use the so called space repetition.

3 – Create a system: you have to have a plan in the learning. If you manage to create a system in your learning it will become part of your everyday life.

4 – Patient: it’s not possible to learn a language within few weeks. Of course it’s possible to make a visible improvements if you learn in small bits eveyday in a way that you enjoy!

If you have also tried to learn a language and you gave up thinking it’s too difficult or you don’t have the language talent give it another try. Maybe you are just one enjoyable method away from learning that language!

Inspired by Lydia Machova.



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